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     Guangzhou ZhanJia Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is a professional automotive performance  modification parts / automotive supplies decorative quality design / production / sales.  Founded in 2005, the sales department is located in the historic city of Guangzhou Yongfu  Road, Yuexiu District, No. 44, Xinhua automotive supplies market in the fourth floor of 427  files (the grand international next door to the site of Xinhua Printing). After the  unremitting efforts of all staff, with excellent quality and integrity of the service and  our customers / peers help, to develop gradually.
     We have been guided by the "quality first, honesty first" business purposes, the  current unlimited competition in the market environment, Louis power company will adhere to  the principle of "customer is God" for all of my colleagues to provide stable quality  products fast honest service .
     The company's operating philosophy is "excellence, innovation, team, efficient".  Constant pursuit of innovation and excellence, is the inexhaustible source of the strengths  of both companies, is the capital of the company's growth and development; dedication, team  spirit and a strong sense of professionalism is the cohesion of the company, the company and  all the staff together and grow together; modern enterprise management and professional  business development strategy is the unswerving pursuit of the goal of the enterprise, and  the soul of the effectiveness and efficiency of business management.

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